Akismet ======= Uses Akismet service to filter comment spam. Installation: ./script/plugin install akismet You will need to add the key and site to your config/config.php file like: define('AK_AKISMET_API_KEY', 'here the key you can get at wordpress.org (signup and say you just want the just the key)'); define('AK_AKISMET_SITE_URL', 'http://the-url-you-signed-up-for'); Now you'll have an "akismet_helper" instance available in your controller with these methods: * isSpam($comment_content, $options) * reportSpam($comment_content, $options) * reportHam($comment_content, $options) where $options can be: * blog or site_url (required. Defaults to http://AK_HOST) Your application "home page".. * user_ip (required. Defaults to AK_REMOTE_IP) IP address of the comment submitter. * user_agent (required. Defaults to $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'].) User agent information. * referrer (note spelling. Defaults to $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'].) The content of the HTTP_REFERER header should be sent here. * permalink (Defaults to AK_URL.) The permanent location of the entry the comment was submitted to. * comment_type (Defaults to comment) May be blank, comment, trackback, pingback, or a made up value like "registration". * comment_author or author Submitted name with the comment * comment_author_email or email Submitted email address * comment_author_url or author_url Commenter URL.