This provides a PHPUnit-TestSuite for the Akelos_Framework. Requirements ------------ [PHPUnit]( itself must be installed separate. [(Installation guide)]( The recommended and supported way is to use the PEAR-installer. pear channel-discover pear install phpunit/PHPUnit That's it. You can test your installation by executing phpunit which will print a help message. Run a test ---------- This TestSuite has its own script (scripts/test_runner.php) to run your tests. Basically it includes lib/PHPUnit_Akelos which registers the autoloader and includes the config-file (test/fixtures/config/). Addionally it creates TestSuites from directories or files on-the-fly. scripts/test_runner.php will print a help message. Try scripts/test_runner.php -v examples/ from the root-folder of *this* package. The installer should place a shortcut script/phpunit_testsuite.php ... in your app-base dir. Study these examples, hopefully they're quite self-explanatory. Some of the examples rely on fixtures (an installer f.i.) you can find in tests/fixtures/.